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Being Enough

This is my song for you, My God. Thank you for loving me eternally and unconditionally. It is everything. It is all I need. I sing a song for you, my God. And that’s enough for me.

This is what I wrote when I went on retreat and felt the power of God’s love like I had never felt before.  I had been always trying to win love through my accomplishments and my achievements with music. Trying to prove I was worthy of love. I always thought I was failing in some way. That I was never enough. But now I was learning something new in the middle of my life. To know that I am loved just as I am.

It’s such a simple notion that some of us haven’t been told since we were little or we read somewhere along the way: “God loves you”. But the key is He wants us to receive that Love in our hearts not just know it in our minds.  We receive His love by doing nothing at all.  Just being. We don’t need to accomplish something great or earn His love in anyway. We don’t need to beat up ourselves up anymore by criticizing and condemning ourselves for our mistakes and shortcomings.

He sees us.  He knows us like no-one else.  He created us in His image and we are precious in His sight. I wrote these words as God spoke to my heart. He said to me…”You need to know in the depths of your being.  You are loved as You Are.”  We receive it when we really take the time to let these words soak into our hearts.  So we really know it because we experience it.

(Isaiah 43:4, Psalm 139: 1-4, 13-14)

– Carla

Never Too Late

Never Too Late

I am truly amazed at how God never gives up on us.  Just when we think we are past our prime or our time has passed, He makes things new.  The moments in our lives that sometimes can last years and years, that feel like a death in some way to a part or parts of...

Nothing Too Big

Nothing Too Big

We come upon problems and issues in our daily walk.  It’s inevitable.  It’s just part of life.  We try our best to avoid any big catastrophes that could possibly come our way. But sometimes they still do come. It’s in those times that it is hardest to remember that...

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

God cleans out the dusty closets of our souls.  Day to day, we feel the weightiness that troubles and burdens can cause in our bodies through exhaustion, sickness and disease. We try to take care of ourselves in the ways we know how through exercise and eating right...

“First Thing First”:  Authentic Italian Meatballs

“First Thing First”: Authentic Italian Meatballs

Nowadays meatballs are made in almost every kind of way! And I definitely have an appreciation and love for them all.  But I always come back to my old-style favorite way to make meatballs that I learned from my mom. It’s simple but so very delicious and always a big...

“My Secret Ingredient”:  Marinara sauce

“My Secret Ingredient”: Marinara sauce

You can’t think of Italian cooking without thinking of old-fashioned red marinara sauce or gravy as some like to call it. Traditional spaghetti and meatballs are a staple meal in our home that always brings the family together at the table talking and laughing.  It is...